Hi, I am TRB.
I write about my weeks in my blogs
Initially gained my popularity via making memes which you can check here
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Hi! I am TRB or teeaarbee, But I suppose you dont have any trouble figuring that out unless you are an old machine.
I am best known for uploading what people call Meme videos on the Internet.

Even though I dont make them anymore, The skills that I learnt from making those are helping me earn some money i.e., via Video Editing.

This website was supposed to be my portfolio for attracting Video Editing clients but unfortuantely I read a lot of books on Business and stuff and now I am confused with my Professional life.

Things that I am very interested in: Psychology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Art, History, Business and the list goes on.

So yes! I am sort of a generalist or better trying to be one.

I don't know where I am going to end up in a few years but if you want to know the answer to that then you can read my blogs.

Which I publish every sunday. And maybe join My Discord/ Telegram Group or Email List and get notified everytime I post a blog.

Links to everything can be found here.

Thank you! For taking your time to read about me.

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